Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Liza Poncho......into the Night

"My native name is Moonbird.  The name Moonbird represents the owl." -Danaelle
Danaelle is modeling the Liza Poncho and, like the owl, she is ready for flight.  With grand and graceful Dolman wings, she glides by moonlight.  Her sweater tail is trim, and holds her hips snug when she howls "WHOOOOOOO" into the night.
The chest of the Liza Poncho is knit sideways, creating an open-hearted cascade from breast to sleeve, ending in a low ribbed waist- essential in containing the flow.....

  "Out the window

            Down the tree

                   Over the wall

             Under the bridge

      Around the lake

 Between the rocks

Through the woods

Up Spook Hill!


....says the owl in Bears in the Night by S. & J. Berenstain

The Liza Poncho is 100% alpaca
Hand Made and Fair Trade in Peru.

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